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While inspection Face the Citizens one Sunday at an earlier time this year, Bob Schiffer discussed the airline industry, his nurse and ethics in business. Like Bob, I think it is a sad commentary today, that we have to keep watch over businesses. Doesn't matter what happened to going into big business to afford a desired service, being loyal to employees, and charge promises.

It seems like no one today is anxious about doing good big business or being ethical in the process. Our forefathers would be ashamed at what this citizens has come to. I know I am.

Chuck and I teach our students how to run a good business, by being ethical, and building sure that all is happy. We run our affair using the adage, "The consumer is constantly right". We know, however, from looking at others in affair both on and offline, that we are in the minority. For most it is all about building money. They don't care who they have to step on, how many lies they tell, just "show them the money". As I barbed out in my commentary a propos "The Earsplitting Buck", this must not be your only incentive for going into business, and if it is, you won't be in big business long.

We see sites every day that you can't find a call up come to on, an adopt for, they just want you to take it on faith that they are on the up and up. Years ago, a big business would never even think of working this way. Their name, address, phone number, slogan etc. was very prominent on the whole thing they did. Alas today, you can't take ancestors on faith anymore. It's very sad, but it seems if you do so, most of the time, you will get burned.

Years ago, companies were known for their honesty, their integrity, and their good products. They had to be to stay in affair and keep the good image they required to project. This gave their business a good name. As many of you know, we come from New York. Kodak, Grumman, and IBM were major companies in down and upstate NY. If you got a job with them you had a job for life, and once you retired you didn't have to worry. Today, citizens are bringing up the rear their medicinal benefits, their pensions, their life savings; due to businesses idea of only the bed line.

Every time you open a newspaper or watch the news today you hear about a further business' corrupt big business practices. They cook the books, take bonuses they don't disclose, while they assume employees to work for less. There is a little very wrong with this picture. It also says to our hope entrepreneurs, that this activities is alright, just don't get caught.

Like Bob Schiffer, I'd much fairly go back to the time when businesses dealt with us in an ethical comportment and didn't only concentrate on lining their pockets, like today. Also, like Bob, I think what we need are atypical experience in our commerce schools. The attitude of today's teachers, needs to re-vamped to be a sign of the philosophies of old. What we need is to "throw out the new, and bring back the old". As Bob said, if his mom was doctrine today, students would get a finally another view?an old fashioned one. Kudos to Bob's mom!

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