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Big business ethics: an oxymoron - ethics


An oxymoron: the coincidence of contradictory words or concepts. That is what we have with the term "Business Ethics". The very contradiction that is inherent in this end couch is an clue of the challenge that persons who work for organizations face as we all accost the supply restrictions of this planet.

The comprehensive hypothesis of affair is deeply based on the assumption of contest for narrow resources. That is the apply of maximizing one's gains at the cost of others. This eventually has the bring about of creating a hierarchy of those who have and those who have not. This is exceedingly overriding to "eliminating the enemy" i. e other human beings.

The belief of ethics is based essentially on moral principles. That is, doctrine of right and wrong as dictated by the core human principles that we as human beings hold dear in our hearts. These are core ethics of fairness, love, compassion, integrity, respect, peace, joy, fulfillment, harmony, beauty, etc.

In other words affair is about engaging in tricks that broadly go alongside our core human values. Now this may come as a amazement to some as most believe big business as average a human doings as breathing. It is this inherent contradiction that has led to the spate of affair executives advent under the ethical focus on in current years. In a sense this outcome was inevitable and the trend will go on except we begin to redefine the ethics on which commerce is accepted out.

In order to help this along I bring to mind that it is crucial to appraise the military that led the founding ideology of big business practices off target in the first place. These army consist of damaging beliefs and emotions that we as human beings fall prey to but which are inherently not in alignment with core human values. Such beliefs come in the form of "I won't endure if I don't compete for my share of the resources". This belief is based on the underlying denial emotion of the "fear of not surviving".

Now some may begin to say that this is our reality, so there's no need to difficulty it. I would conversely like to take you, if you wish to abide by me, on a journey of self discovery that may help you to acknowledge amazing you have at all times known but have for the short term forgotten. Here we go.

Read the next announcement to yourself:

A) "The fear of not existing motivates me to work hard, earn my keep and consequently continue to exist so that I can live a happy and fulfilled life"

Do you have faith in this? Yes, No?

Now read this to yourself:

b) "The fear of not surviving, makes me scared that I won't continue to exist if I don't work at a job that I hate, that has nil to do with what I especially love in my heart, deprives me of the time and energy that I need to do those effects I actually enjoy, it in this manner eats my life, it also causes me to do clothes to other human beings that I would never do even to my pet, it causes me stress, predisposes me to illness and death"

Do you feel this is true for you? Yes, No?

Now obviously statements A and B are acquiescent contradictory consequences but you almost certainly found physically in accord with both of them. Isn't it alien that you could agree with two contradictory statements at the same time? How can contradictory statements be true at the same time? Well in fact they can't!

For example:

C) I'm session down, and
D) I'm continuance up

Are basically contradictory statements and these cannot be all together true for you, can they?

So, if you look at this circumstances closely, I think you will accept that one of the statements (A or B) has to be false. Read them again and see if you can ascertain which one is false for you.

To help you, just say to yourself: "I'm frightened I won't survive" and announcement how it makes you feel. Which statement, A or B more accurately describes how this account makes you feel. I think that after some contemplation you will advertisement that B is actually the truth and A is the one that is false.

So if A is false and you were believing it to be true then were you lying to manually about what this fear was doing to you? I think you will admit that certainly this is what you were doing lacking even realizing it. Is this what you want to be doing, lying to by hand about this? What is the corollary to you of perpetuating this lie? Well I think you will see that it would mean that you would still be prone to being a pawn of the "fear of not surviving" and this would carry on the state described in account B above.

Is this what you want? If not then just make a sincere account asking that the lie and the fear be clean from your life and see how you feel.

Now if you followed this so far you will possible become aware of that a little big may have shifted in your outlook towards your life. For those less flourishing I just wish to add that this is not an easy bring to bear to convey in print so choose acknowledge my apologies if you are air bewildered or frustrated.

Now let me come back to the issue of "business ethics". In my view the ethical tribulations faced by the affair commune will carry on to accelerate in coming if it does not begin to realign its basic main beliefs with core human values. In order to do this it is my view that our creature and collective beliefs about our location and ourselves will need to be challenged.

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Nick Arrizza M. D. is the Developer of the Mind Character Process(TM), an Cause ( Admiration for the Self: A Handbook for Individual Transformation --- accessible in e-book configure in Feb. 2005 at his web site: http://www. telecoaching4u. com, Speaker, Executive and Life Coach and Healer. He holds ongoing Worldwide Live and Teleconference Workshops on Healing, Energy Psychology, Achieving Peak Performance, Stress Management, Religion and other topics. He was qualified in Psychotherapy (University of Toronto )and in Executive and Management Activities ( Richard Ivey Educate of Business: London, Ontario, Canada)

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