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Vice of buggery at ftc - ethics


At the National Trade Appoint we have seen attorneys who endure from the vice of buggery get promoted to privileged and more chief worldwide divisions. Now then, are these attorneys who have delicate sexual troubles and are infringement the laws of sodomy not required in the main group of Centralized Trade Administration Employees? Is the FTC apprehensive about sexual aggravation laws? Are they concerned about on-the-clock Men's Restroom "Quickies" and the chance of the need for an unappealing in-house worker investigation befitting public? Is the Central Trade Agency anxious to fire these buggerists, for some worker criminal termination suit? Is buggery so enveloping that the FTC has to cook up new titles for these guys so they can be moved up in rank to other divisions? If so why doesn't the FTC adopt a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy" to avoid exceptional conduct of those who be diagnosed with from buggery? Can't the FTC get psychological help for these men who thrust their penis up a further man's rectum? Evidently these human organs were not set up to do that. We know that the FTC incessantly screw with the artless order of antagonism and evolutionary development of capable contest and survival of the fittest businesses. But why are they now frustrating to adjust humankind's evolution?

If Sodomy is adjacent to the law, why is the FTC not doing backend checks of their employees; after all if they are contravention the laws at the back of congested doors at home or in the Men's Restroom at the National Trade Commission, then noticeably they do not care about our laws in this country. A number of have threatened to move to Canada now that Homosexual Wedding has been legalized, yet to this day have not made good on their delicate promises. Additionally an FTC attorney has contact to information, classified courts, other agencies and abuse of power is ramped in that agency? In one case we intentional an FTC attorney was put on an Global Fraud Team, thus going to other nations to be a symbol of our nation. This of avenue is not a very good moral viewing for the United States and could get critical if they are dispersal their legs and distribution AIDS. If so the FTC is accountable for at all happens to those who become infected with the disease. Furthermore if a anyone of brawny moral creature is looked-for to curb worldwide fraud, then why allow any person who has the vice of buggery to act for this great country or our Acceptability Department? Let's face it there are employees in the Central Trade Appointment who need help and if this is the fine folks in administration we are consider to abide by as a Free Inhabitants and Free Men, then; well, we have not come very far in our mission to: Truth, Fairness and the American Way. How can a man administer and check the laws, yet break them on their individual time. We deserve more. The FTC is full of employees who be diagnosed with from the vice of buggery. Think about it.

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