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Conflict: not automatically a bad thing - ethics


I got yelled at tonight. Not the type of yelling that a big name does when you've done a touch to tick a big cheese off, but the kind of yelling that was a swift kick in the pants about a touch that I'm NOT doing.

I in all probability deserved it. I considered necessary to hear it. But it made me edgy and I tried to make excuses.

Nope! That didn't work. I continuous to get the lecture.

Now I know you are all dying to know what I did that wasn't just right. Mary? Got yelled at? How DARE they?

Here's what happened. Tonight my companion and I met out a ally from swimming and a woman I set him up with on a blind date. Lets call him Bill. If you read the entry that he dances to his own tune, then you've met Bill.

In my book, he's a even and devoted swimmer. The address was about the fact that: I'M NOT.

I miss practice. I get there a tad late. And, I miss practice.

I told him I HAVE A LIFE. I have a child! I need my sleep!

He reminded me that I have a goal. I want to make nationals. I want to lower my time. I'm attractive close to doing it too.

So, here I am at 3 in the crack of dawn copy about the fact that I got yelled at. And I think it worked. I know he's right and I'm going to alteration my schedule about a bit so I can make the practices more often. I was going to about 3 a week as an alternative of 4.

Earlier this week I dropped a note to associate who is an entrepreneur. He and his partner had a yelling match on the phone. I know them both well and they're both running hard at house their business. They had a disagreement and I tried to help downy over the conflict.

I got this email from my ally that I liked:

Mary: Thank you for your insight?. Every tree that yields fruit must be shaken to get the best from the top.

So, I accepted wisdom about it for a while and realized that the conflict did shake clothes up. It got them both out of their comfort zone. It made them think about what certainly was the key to their problem. Since they didn't dance about the challenge and play nice they were able to solve the issues more quickly.

I'm at all times the type that wants to avoid conflict. I think that a lot of citizens are like me. Its easier to talk effects out than yell and get to the base line. But I see how that works.

Now I'm not proposing that any person else ought to go out and confront everybody just to be able to yell at someone, but I do think that frank confronting can be faithfully the thing to make a big name step up to the plate, take ownership and pull their authority or alteration some sort of depressing behavior. It's from time to time faster than having debate after discussion. It's emphatically more memorable. And sometimes, it can get you up at 3 in the break of day to blog about it!

But lets just SEE if it'll get me out of bed for 5:30am swim attempt more times a week! I'm gaming on YES.

Mary Gardner, The Magnetism Coach! is an Executive Data lines Consultant and Trainer. She works with, coaches and trains individuals, sales teams, executives, and celebrities. She owned and operated one of the first education institutions on the east coast, CCI, in NYC, Philly and NJ. Mary has appeared on ABC's 20/20 and has self in print a book on broadcast speaking. Mary is married to Sway and is mommy to Jeremy 5, and lives in Orlando, FL.

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